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Featuring Asociación Folclórica del Pitic

orchestration composition

7th Anniversary

Video of what I accomplished in 2021

orchestration composition piano arrangement highlights

"Love Again" - Dua Lipa piano arrangement - at Gare Saint-Lazare

Another video at the piano at Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris, France


Sol Silvina at Gare Saint-Lazare - "He's a Pirate"

Playing the piano at Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris


Follow the Clues

Inspired by the main character of CSI, Gil Grissom. Artwork painted by my mom

orchestration composition


Composition for a Videogame Intro for the SCA Summer Program 2021

orchestration composition

To Strive and Triumph

I am a "Trollhunters" fan and this piece was inspired by it. I did the drawings too

orchestration composition art


A very special guest on this video

orchestration composition

"My World" Performed by OSEP

Concert premiere of my Suite "My World" performed by OSEP and directed by Maestro Ludwig Carrasco.

orchestration composition

Music is my Sport

I am a big fan of Nike and music is my sport

orchestration composition

6th musical anniversary

Highlight reel. 2020 in 5 minutes :)

orchestration composition piano arrangement highlights


Inspired by my hometown of Hermosillo. Part of "My World" Suite

orchestration composition

"Jeremy" - Pearl Jam - featuring cellist Alonso López Romo

Arrangement written by Sol Silvina. Thanks Alonso!

arrangement piano cello

"Can't Change Me" - Chris Cornell - featuring cellist Alonso López Romo

Arrangement written by me. Thanks again Alonso! It's a lot of fun making music with you

arrangement piano cello

Haydn Piano Concerto in D major Hob XVIII:11

My debut concert as a piano soloist with the Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de Puebla (OSEP) in October 2020.

piano concert classical

Behind the Scenes - OSEP (Music: "Moving On")

BTS from the experience of being a piano soloist for a concert playing Haydn's Piano Concerto in D Major

composition production

The Kingdom S01E02 - "The Escapade"

Music for an animated series, Episode 2

orchestration composition

The Kingdom S01E01 - "Xanindor"

Music for an animated series, Episode 1

orchestration composition


Featuring cellist Alonso López Romo. Thank you to Alonso López Romo for taking the time for this collaboration. You rock!! Huge thanks to Guillermo Arriola for editing the video :) Piano and cello arrangement for The Piano Guys' "Peponi". Arrangement written by Sol Silvina

piano arrangement collaboration

Reina sin Corona - Episodio 01 - Piloto

Pilot episode for a web series filmed in Hermosillo, Mexico

orchestration composition